Referral Program

With no links, signups or complicated codes to worry about, our referral program is the best way to get Spineless for free (and give your friends a 20% discount.)

When your friends use your email to identify you as their referrer, you’ll both get 20% cash back refunded on your Spineless purchase.

Five times and that’s 100% cash back… 
Spineless for free!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I refer friends?

After you’ve bought the Spineless Service, tell friends to use the service at, and when they check out, enter your email address as their “referrer” to both give you your 20% cash back, and to get their 20% cash back.

What if I haven't bought Spineless yet?
Your friends can still input your email as their referrer, but it won’t result in any discounts. We make it clear during that step that discounts are only given if the email corresponds to a previous Spineless purchaser.
Can I build credit beyond my 100% cash back?
No. Once you’ve reached 100% cash back (five friends referred and purchased), your cash back ends.

The only exception to this is if you’ve purchased Spineless more than once. In that case, you can earn 100% cash back for each time you purchased Spineless.

How much discount do my friends get?
Each time you refer a friend (which is them using your email address during their Spineless checkout), they will be automatically refunded 20% of their purchase price as long as the email address used matches a previous Spineless customer.

In other words, as long as you’ve already paid for Spineless for yourself, your referrals will get 20% cash back on their own purchase.

Do I have to qualify or sign up for the Referral Program?
No. There is no sign up required. The program works using only email addresses. The only qualification to participate is that you must have purchased the Spineless Service previously.
How long will it take to get my cash back?
Referral program cashbacks are processed once a week. They are a processed through Stripe as a “partial refund” of your original Spineless transaction. Depending on your banking institution, it can take up to 10 extra business days for your cashback to show in your account. Cashbacks are automatically processed to the same account used to purchase Spineless, and we cannot process a cashback to any other account than the original purchase account.

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