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Finishing your book is just the beginning

We understand the frustration—you’ve spent long hours, nights and weekends writing your book, and now it’s time to get published. You’ve scoured the internet for help and found a dozen opinions, a hundred dead links to agents’ websites, conflicting advice on forums, and are getting nowhere.

It doesn’t have to be this hard. Authors across the country are using Spineless to find the right publishing agent. You can too.

How it Works

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We email your pitch

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Direct replies from agents to your email

We built Spineless to make it easier to pitch your book to the right agents. You’re both out there, looking for each other. Spineless can connect you.

The Best Chance, Now Available to All

Until now, it’s never been easy for authors to find agents. We’ve all been there; poring through publisher sites and buying outdated lists and pro memberships just to find a couple agents to email. It’s a waste of time, and it’s frustrating. Now there’s a better way…

We’ve done the hard work of building and maintaining the most up-to-date contact list of publishing agents so you don’t have to. Our simple, step-by-step form walks you through creating an optimal book pitch to send to publishing agents. (Also known as a query letter). We format your pitch into our optimized email template that makes it easier for agents to give it the attention it deserves.

Authors need an easy way to pitch their book to the right agents. Spineless solves this problem with a simple, affordable solution.


Can't I just self-publish?

Yes, if you’re a marketing genius, or don’t mind whether your book sells.

Self-publishing is tempting because your book can be in a marketplace or ordered as a physical object, and sometimes you can make a higher margin of the sales price. But, self-publishing is putting the cart before the horse. A publishing agent will shop your book in a way that is most effective depending on your genre, release time of year, and their publisher’s genre specialities. This is a tried and true approach to getting books recognized enough to become a New York Times bestseller.

Self-publishing isn’t effective because it just dumps your book into a sea of other books with no means to stand out to the right audiences—let alone the wider world of several legitimate book marketplaces. While you could technically get a physical copy of your book, it won’t be the commercial success that it could have been.

What can an agent do for me?

Once you’re signed to an agent (or more accurately, the publishing company they work for), they will typically perform useful services for your publication, such as:

  • Creating a website to market your book, and either a) teaching you how to post to it, or b) they will supply a content marketer to post on your behalf.
  • Creating social media accounts for you, and either a) teaching you how to post to them, or b) they will supply a content marketer to post on your behalf.
  • Organizing a book tour, which typically involves traveling, hotels, and booking events designed to promote your book.
  • Arranging interviews about your book with media outlets, which may include YouTube channels, TV and radio stations, book clubs, or podcasts.
  • Working with you to edit your book.
  • Working with you to design a cover image for your book.
  • Designing the inside page layout of your book.
  • Setting up studio time to record an audio version of your book.

The services included in your deal will vary from one publisher to another. If you self-publish, you’re responsible for doing all these things yourself.

Are responses guaranteed?

No. There are a lot of variables that go into replies from agents, and we can’t control them. However, Spineless is designed so that you have the best possible chance of finding the right agent for your book. We do this by matching your book’s details with the right agents in our private, comprehensive database of publishing agents.

Have a question?

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Core Features

Agent Contact List

We maintain the most comprehensive contact list of publishing agents.

Strategic Email Design

We design and write our proprietary email so your book has its best chance.

We'll Guide You

We eliminate the guesswork through our simple, short-form process.

Author Success Stories

I should have bit the bullet sooner. I wasted so much time trying to find an agent myself.

After Spineless sent my email I got  replies from agents that same week and ended up finding the agent that was perfect for me!

Rosa García

A Time to Love

As a first-time author I appreciated how efficient and convenient it was to get my book into the right hands.

I felt like Spineless had my back when I didn’t know what I was doing. They know how to speak the agents’ language. Thank you for your service.

Lenny Kaufman

Master Your Analytics

My friend told me about Spineless. It felt kinda pricey, but ended up being worth it when you consider how much time you’ll save.

My book got published and my new agent was there helping me through the whole journey.

Robyn Jackson

The Nice Boy Online

More Features

No Subscriptions

You’re not locked into anything. It’s a one-time flat fee, keeping it simple.

No Middleman

Once your pitch is sent, agents can contact you directly, with no middleman. 

Works on Any Device

Both our service and your agent emails are formatted perfectly on any device.

Your Data is Safe

We never sell or share your personal information, and your custom email is sent securely.


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